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Data Sharing

The EORTC Data Sharing policy builds on the central principles of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in its report “Promoting Access to Public Research Data for Scientific, Economic and Social Development”.

Recognizing that access to international data helps produce a better understanding of public health issues and worldwide disease prevention and control the EORTC makes data from its clinical trials available to other academic researchers. Considering that on-going research contributing to the completion of datasets must not be compromised by premature or opportunistic sharing and analysis of data, the EORTC will not release the data of its trial until the primary trial results have been published.

An investigator who wishes to use data from one or more EORTC studies must make a formal request which is reviewed by the EORTC Coordinator for External Research Project. Specifically the scientific merit and feasibility of each request will be evaluated.Requests will only be considered once the primary study analyses have been published. Any release of data will take into consideration individual patients’ rights to privacy.

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