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Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic REsonance Imaging Assessment of Liver Metastasis and Improve Surgical Planning
Evaluation of diffusion weighted -MRI in patients with resectable liver metastases from colorectal cancer treated with preoperative therapy
INtegratioN of trastuzumab, with or without pertuzumab, into periOperatiVe chemotherApy of HER-2 posiTIve stOmach caNcer: the INNOVATION-TRIAL
A prospective Colorectal Liver Metastasis DataBase with an Integrated Quality Assurance program
Trial of preoperative therapy for gastric and esophagogastric junction adenocarcinoma. A randomized phase II/III trial of preoperative chemoradiotherapy versus preoperative chemotherapy for resectable gastric cancer.
Screening Platform of the EORTC for Clinical Trials in Advanced Colorectal cancer “SPECTAcolor”
Randomized phase II trial evaluating the efficacy of FOLFOX alone, FOLFOX plus bevacizumab and FOLFOX plus panitumumab as perioperative treatment in patients with resectable liver metastases from wild type KRAS and NRAS colorectal cancer
A phase II-R and a phase III trial evaluating both *Erlotinib (PH II-R) and chemoradiation (PH III) as adjuvant treatment for patients with resected head of pancreas adenocarcinoma *(PH II-R Erlotinib randomization completed, arm 2 closed to accrual effective 04/02/14)
Treatment of patients with KRAS and NRAS wild type advanced colorectal cancer with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) or 5-FU plus an Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor inhibitor (cetuximab) based on a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
An open-label, randomized phase III trial of cisplatin and 5-fluorouracil with or without panitumumab for patients with nonresectable, advanced or metastatic esophageal squamous cell cancer (ESCC)
Effectiveness of first line treatment with lapatinib and ECF/X in histologically proven adenocarcinoma of the stomach or the esophagogastric junction, metastatic or not amenable to curative surgery according to HER2 and EGFR status: a randomized phase II trial.
Preoperative chemoradiotherapy and postoperative chemotherapy with capecitabine and oxaplatin vs.capecitabine alone in locally advanced rectal cancer (PETACC-6).
Randomized phase II trial evaluating the feasibility and tolerance of the combination of FOLFOX with cetuximab and the combination of FOLFOX with cetuximab and bevacizumab as perioperative treatment in patients with resectable liver metastases from colorectal cancer (BOS).
Adjuvant treatment of fully resected stage III colon cancer with folfox-4 versus folfox-4 plus cetuximab (PETACC-8)
Randomised Phase III Intergroup Trial in Resected Stage 2 (Dukes B) Colon Cancer : 6-month Infusional 5FU-CPT11 (+/- Folinic Acid) versus Observation. Determination of Biologic Predictive and Response Factors (PETACC-4).
Multicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled randomised phase III study of adjuvant therapy with celecoxib in combination with chemotherapy in patients with curatively resected stage III colon cancer (PETACC-5).
Continuous fluorouracil plus mitomycin C versus mitomycin C plus Cisplatin as chemotherapy combination in combined radiochemotherapy for locally advanced anal cancer. A phase II-III study.
Randomised phase II/III study comparing gemcitabine followed by gemcitabine plus concomitant radiation (50.4 Gy) versus gemcitabine alone after curative pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreatic head cancer
Irinotecan combined with infusional 5-FU/Folinic acid or Capecitabine and the role of Celecoxib in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer
Randomized study of pre-operative radio-chemotherapy versus surgery alone in thoracic oesophageal cancer deemed to be resectable
CLOCC trial (Chemotherapy + Local ablation versus Chemotherapy). Randomized phase II study investigating the role of local treatment of liver metastases by radiofrequency combined with chemotherapy and of chemotherapy alone in patients with unresectable colorectal liver metastases.
An international field study of the reliability and validity of the EORTC QLQ-C30 an a disease-specific questionnaire module (QLQ-STO22) in assessing the quality of life of patients with gastric cancer.
International phase III open label randomised trial comparing CPT-11 in combination with high dose 5FU/Folinic acid infusional regimen (group A) to the same high dose 5FU/Folinic acid infusional regimen (group B) alone as adjuvant treatment stage III colon cancer (PETACC-3).
Phase III Randomized Study of Adjuvant Immunotherapy with Monoclonal Antibody 17-1A versus no Adjuvant Therapy Following Resection for Stage II (Modified Astler Coller B2) Adenocarcinoma of the Colon
Pre-and Post-Operative Chemotherapy with Oxaliplatin 5FU/LV versus Surgery alone in Resectable Liver Metastases from Colorectal Origin- Phase III Study
Randomized phase III study of preoperative chemotherapy followed by surgery versus surgery alone in locally advanced gastric cancer (cT3 and cT4NxM0).
CPT-11 in combination with weekly 24h infusion 5-FU plus FA relative to weekly 24h infusion 5-FU plus FA alone in patients with advanced colorectal cancer
Randomized phase II study of docetaxel/gemcitabine Vs docetaxel/cisplatin in metastatic or locoregionally advanced pancreatic carcinoma
Pan-European Trial in Adjuvant Colon Cancer- PETACC-2 Randomised phase III intergroup trial of high-dose infusional 5-FU (+ or - Folinic Acid) versus Standard bolus 5-FU/Folinic Acid.
Total Mesorectal Excision (TME) with or without pre-operative radiotherapy in the treatment of primary rectal cancer.
Pan-European trials in Adjuvant Colon Cancer PETACC-1 The value ofTomudex relative to standard Leucovorin-modulated bolus 5-FU.
An international field study of the reliability and validity of the EORTC QLQ-C30 and a disease specific questionnaire module (the EORTC QLQ-OES24) in assessing quality of life of patients with oesophageal cancer (15961/40973)
Randomized phase II study of a weekly 24h-infusion of high dose 5-FU (HD-FU) versus HD-FU plus L-Folinic Acid plus biweekly Cisplatin in advanced biliary tract cancer.
Phase II trial. Weekly high dose 5-FU and Folinic Acid in metastatic pancreatic carcinoma.
Shortened irradiation scheme, continuous 5FU and fractionation of Mitomycin C in locally advanced anal carcinoma (Joint study of the EORTC Radiotherapy Cooperative Group and the EORTC Gastrointestinal Tract Cancer Cooperative Group)
Randomized phase II study of weekly 24 h infusion of high dose 5-FU plus or minus Folinic Acid (HD-FU/FA) versus HD-FU/FA plus biweekly Cisplatin in advanced gastric cancer.
Randomized phase III study of weekly 24 h infusion of high-dose 5-FU with or without Folinic Acid Vs bolus 5-FU plus Folinic Acid in advanced colorectal cancer (Jointly with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft fr Internistische Onkologie - AIO)
Phase II study of i.v. Vinorelbine and Cisplatinum in the treatment of patients with metastatic epidermoid carcinoma of esophagus previously untreated by chemotherapy
Randomized phase II-III clinical trial of Cisplatin + 5-fluorouracil vs Cisplatin + 5-fluorouracil with alpha-Interferon in metastatic pancreatic cancer
Phase III clinical trial of chemotherapy with 5-Fluorouracil and L-Leucovorin following potentially curative resection of liver or lung metastases from colorectal cancer (Jointly with the National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) Clinical Trials Group and the Gruppo Interdisciplinare Valutazione Interventi in Oncologia (GIVIO))
A phase III study of adjuvant regional and systemic chemotherapy in high risk resected colorectal cancers
A randomized phase II-III study of high dose 5-Fluorouracil (HD-FU) / low dose Methotrexate (LD-MTX) versus HD-FU/LD-MTX plus low dose PALA in advanced colorectal carcinoma
Randomized phase III study of ELF (etoposide + 5-FU + Leucovorin) versus 5-FU continuous infusion + Cisplatin versus FAMTX (Methotrexate + 5-FU combined with adriamycin) in advanced gastric cancer
Phase III trial of adjuvant chemotherapy with FAMTX in resectable gastric cancer
Adjuvant intraoperative radiotherapy in gastric cancer.
Phase II study of Navelbine, IV infusion weekly administration, in patients with metastatic epidermoid oesophagial carcinoma
Randomized phase III trial of radiotherapy and 5-FU treatment after curative resection for cancer of the pancreas and periampullary region
Phase II clinical trial of epirubicin and cisplatin (EP) in combination with a split cause radiotherapy plus 5-Fluorouracil in locally advanced unresectable pancreatic cancer.
Phase III double-blind clinical trial of an antiandrogen therapy versus a placebo in unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma
A randomized phase III study of low dose methotrexate (LD-MTX) plus high dose 5-Fluorouracil (HD-FU) versus HD-FU in advanced or metastatic colorectal carcinoma.
A simple, large-scale randomized phase III trial on hepatic perfusion of 5-FU and heparin in resectable cancer of the colon and rectum
Randomized phase II-III trial of radiotherapy alone or with concomitant chemotherapy in the treatment of anal carcinoma. (Jointly with the EORTC Radiotherapy Cooperative Group)
Randomized phase II of cisplatin (DDP) used alone in advanced esophageal cancer.
Phase II trial of mitoxantrone in metastatic apudomas (carcinoid, islet cell tumors, and medullary carcinomas of the thyroid)
Controlled clinical trial for the treatment of patients with inoperable esophageal cancer using radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Clinical trial on adjuvant therapy of resectable colon cancer with 5-Fluorouracil administered by portal vein perfusion.
Adjuvant chemotherapy in resectable gastric cancer.
An International Multicenter Open label randomized Ph II advanced Anal Cancer Trial comparing Cisplatin plus 5-FU vs Carboplatin plus Weekly Paclitaxel in Patients with Inoperable Locally Recurrent or Metastatic Disease
Phase III trial of adjuvant preoperative radiotherapy with or without 5-FU in patients with rectal cancer
Phase III trial of radiotherapy plus short and/or long-term 5-FU in resectable gastric cancer
Phase III trial comparing preoperative radiotherapy or not in patients with rectal cancer
Phase III trial comparing radiotherapy plus surgery versus surgery alone in resectable oesophageal cancer
Phase III trial comparing methotrexate plus radiotherapy versus radiotherapy alone in inoperable oesophageal cancer
Phase III adjuvant trial of postoperative levamisole versus placebo in resectable Dukes'C colon cancer
Phase III trial of MEFA (MeCCNU/fluorouracil/adriamycin) versus FA (fluorouracil/adriamycin) in advanced gastric cancer
Phase II randomized clinical study of cisplatin , 5-FU, and allopurinol combination versus 5-FU in advanced colorectal carcinoma
Phase II clinical trial of sequential methotrexate and 5-fluorouracil and of adriamycin/FAMTX in metastatic gastric cancer
Phase II trial of cisplatin in chemotherapy-resistant carcinoma of the stomach.
Phase III trial of hepatic artery ligation and portal infusion of 5-FU versus no ligation in the treatment of liver metastases of colo-rectal origin
Phase III trial using post-operative radiotherapy or not in patients with resectable rectal cancer
Phase II trial of 4-epi-doxorubicin and 5-fluorouracil in unresectable pancreatic cancer
Phase II trial of sequential methotrexate and 5-fluorouracil in locally advanced and metastatic gastric cancer
Phase II clinical trial of 4'epi-adriamycin in unresectable pancreatic cancer
Protocol PO 1 - Treatment of patients with oesophageal carcinoma utilizing radiotherapy as adjuvant
Protocol SAKK 41/13 Adjuvant aspirin treatment in PIK3CA mutated colon cancer patients. A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, phase III trial

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